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Gun Violence

Today, we honor all those killed
by gun violence by demanding
direct, concrete action. We ask
you to join us in this call.


Keep Trump's Finger Off the Nuke Button


Supporting Refugees in Bangladesh

In December, 2017, SF Bay Area PSR Board Member Rohini Haar traveled to the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh to interview and support members of the Rohingya tribe who had fled genocidal conditions in Myanmar.
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Clean Power Plan

SF Bay Area PSR President Dr. Robert Gould, above, joined San Francisco Acting Mayor Mark Farrell, Oakland schoolchildren, families of coal miners, Tom Steyer and the Secretary of CalEPA Matt Rodriquez, with several members of his office, to speak out forcefully for the Clean Power Plan.

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Saving Energy, Saving Lives

PSR with the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy published “Saving Energy, Saving Lives: The Health Impacts of Avoiding Power Plant Pollution with Energy Efficiency” Increasing our nation’s energy efficiency by even 15% will not only help the environment and save money, but will also save lives.


Our Mission

Guided by the expertise of medicine and public health, SF Bay Area Physicians for Social Responsibility works to protect human life from the gravest threats to health and survival. Consequently, we promote public policies that protect human health from the threats of nuclear war and other weapons of mass destruction, global environmental degradation, climate change, the epidemic of gun violence, and other social injustices in our society today.

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