Dr. Ritterman Rallies Municipal Leaders to Oppose Expansion Of Chevron Operation

April 15, 2008

Dr. Ritterman has been an outspoken opponent of Chevron’s plans to expand their refining capacity to process dirtier grades of crude oil in Richmond. The letter below seeks to rally the decision-makers in Richmond to stand together against a plan that will lead to an increase in environmental contamination and the emission of greenhouse gases:…

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SF Bay Area PSR President Robert Gould Testifies At Tracy Hearings For Nuclear “Complex Transformation”

March 20, 2008

The Department of Energy is holding hearings on its so-called “Complex transformation,” a plan to revitalize the nuclear weapons complex at 8 sites across the country, including at Tracy and Livermore. Dr. Robert Gould, SF Bay Area PSR President and expert on public health and security issues surrounding nuclear weapons and energy, gave testimony yesterday,…

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SF Bay Area Steering Committee Member Jeff Ritterman Hosts Website Featuring Images Of And Art By Iranian Children

February 8, 2008

Children of Iran is a website born of travels undertaken by Physician Jeff Ritterman and his partner, Vivien Feyer, a psychologist and educator. In 2005, they accompanied a delegation of US military families–who had lost loved ones in Iraq–to the Iraq border, and in 2006 they traveled with a citizen diplomacy delegation to Iran, where…

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SF Bay PSR Program Associate Lena Brook Publishes Letter In San Francisco Chronicle

January 23, 2008

Our Food Fueled Growth of Super Bacteria January 23, 2008 San Francisco Chronicle Lena Brook, SF Bay PSR program associate and Coordinator of the California Food Work Group, published a letter in today’s Chronicle in response to a January 20th article: “Bacteria Race Ahead of Drugs” about the increased resistance of common pathogenic bacteria to…

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