Dr. Robert Gould’s Visit to Senator Boxer’s Office on Nuclear Power

July 11, 2011

On June 2, SF Bay Area PSR President Dr. Robert M. Gould visited Sen. Barbara Boxer’s San Francisco Office as part of a contingent urging monitoring and testing of the radioactive plume from Japan’s nuclear reactor in Fukushima. Participants included Kimberly Roberson, Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network, who organized the meeting; Elanor Starmer, Western Regional Director…

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Dr. Richard Ricklefs (1916 – 2007)

June 12, 2010

The SF Bay Area Chapter and National PSR recently received a generous bequest from Dr. Richard Ricklefs, a longtime PSR member and chapter supporter.  Dr. Ricklefs was born November 13, 1916, in Monticello, Iowa, and passed away in Arcata, California on July 7, 2007, at the age of 90. Below is a personal reminiscence of…

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Nobody’s Talking About the Silver Bullet That Could Heal the Economy and Cure Most Social Ills

August 18, 2009

By Jeff Ritterman, M.D. Imagine a guidebook on formulating social policy, with instructions on how to extend life expectancy, decrease infant mortality, improve child well-being, reduce obesity, lower homicide rates, decrease school dropout rates, lower teen pregnancy, increase levels of civic trust, improve voter turnout, decrease drug abuse, lower incarceration rates, decrease rates of mental…

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Author Aaron Glantz To Discuss The War Comes Home: Washington’s Battle Against America’s Veterans

January 27, 2009

The War Comes Home: Washington’s Battle Against America’s Veterans Aaron Glantz, unembeded journalist, broadcaster from Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan has just come out with his new book. The War Comes Home: Washington’s Battle against America’s Veterans is the first book to systematically document the U.S. government’s neglect of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan….

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SF Bay PSR Program Associate Lena Brook Reviews A New Addition To Literature on Food Equity and Sustainability

August 11, 2008

BOOK REVIEW: CLOSING THE FOOD GAP: RESETTING THE TABLE IN THE LAND OF PLENTY–Mark Winne By LENA BROOK Mark Winne’s Closing the Food Gap: Resetting the Table in the Land of Plenty is an elegant, inspiring addition to the growing body of literature on the food revolution unfolding in the United States today. The author…

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Documentary Film Screening At UC Berkeley Adds a Human Dimension to The Iran Crisis

February 15, 2008

BAM 6.6 February 21, 2008 UC Berkeley Dwinelle Hall Room #145 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM “Bam 6.6 is the story of the human condition. The film weaves together stories of survival, loss, and healing, as we explore the humanity of the Iranian people through the prism of the devastating 2003 earthquake that struck at…

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SF Bay Area Steering Committee Member Jeff Ritterman Hosts Website Featuring Images Of And Art By Iranian Children

February 8, 2008

Children of Iran is a website born of travels undertaken by Physician Jeff Ritterman and his partner, Vivien Feyer, a psychologist and educator. In 2005, they accompanied a delegation of US military families–who had lost loved ones in Iraq–to the Iraq border, and in 2006 they traveled with a citizen diplomacy delegation to Iran, where…

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