June 6, 2017

Recently SF Bay PSR asked your help to convince Governor Jerry Brown to fully ban the harmful pesticide chlorpyrifos.  It presents an immediate danger—chlorpyrifos recently poisoned a number of farmworkers in the Central Valley, which underscores why it’s crucial to keep the heat on the governor to ban this dangerous chemical.  As reported by Mother Jones, more than 50 workers were exposed when the pesticide drifted from a neighboring field. Over a dozen of the workers reported various symptoms, which included nausea, fainting and vomiting.

In addition to causing such  immediate reactions, chlorpyrifos also acts as a potent neurotoxin in children. According to a recent scientist letter co-signed by SF Bay Area PSR President Dr. Robert Gould, “Exposures to even very low doses of chlorpyrifos during critical windows of vulnerability during the nine months of pregnancy has been reported in epidemiologic studies to be associated with lower birth weight and adverse neurodevelopmental effects to children including diminished cognitive ability (lowered IQ), poorer working memory, and delays in motor development.”

Gov. Brown agreed to restrict the usage of chlorpyrifos, by requiring farmers to obtain a permit from their county offices before application. The recent Central Valley poisoning points to the persistent dangers of such inadequate limits on use. Even if chlorpyrifos was applied to just one plot of land, its associated drift, through both air and water, can spread harm to farmworkers and others on a particular property, and also to fields, schools, homes, and rivers across property boundaries and beyond.

Urge Gov. Brown to ban this harmful chemical!