December 6, 2013

CA Healthy Food Report CoverThe 2013 California Healthy Food in Health Care report, recently released by SF Bay Area PSR and Health Care Without Harm, shows that 25% of hospitals across CA are committed to putting sustainable food at the center of their healing mission. The report highlights the many ways these 127 facilities – including large systems such as University of California Medical Centers, Kaiser and Dignity Health – are revolutionizing food service by committing to more pesticide-free produce, antibiotic-free meats, and local, seasonal meals for patients, staff, and visitors. These shifts translate into a healthier food system: more income and economic stability for local farmers who sell a greater portion of their harvests to hospitals, a decrease in harmful pesticide use on farms, and a decrease in non-therapeutic antibiotic use in animal agriculture, helping to protect antibiotics for human health. Read the article in the San Diego Voice featuring CA hospitals’ participation in Healthy Food in Health Care and the impact on their food service.

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