February 19, 2014

SF Bay Area PSR hosted a webinar on the California Healthy Food in Health Care (HFHC) program on January 30th. Close to 200 people registered from multiple sectors, including healthcare, school, non-profit, and business. Kendra Klein, Senior Program Associate at SF Bay Area PSR, presented an overview of the environmental nutrition approach of the HFHC program and highlighted key findings from the 2013 California Healthy Food in Health Care report.

Jack Henderson, current Healthy Food in Health Care Fellow and former Associate Director of Food Service Operations at UC San Francisco Medical Center, discussed the innovative Hospital Leadership Team model that was initiated in the SF Bay Area in 2007 by SF Bay Area PSR.  The Leadership Team combines hospitals’ purchasing power and knowledge in order to access sustainable foods and to create positive change in the food system. Through their joint efforts, the SF Bay Area Leadership Team has successfully secured cage-free eggs and local produce from family farmers. They are currently working to secure meat and poultry products raised without the use of non-therapeutic antibiotics.  SF Bay Area PSR now helps to coordinate Hospital Leadership Teams in San Diego and Los Angeles as well as San Francisco.

Barbara Hamilton, Sustainability Manager at Palomar Health, concluded with an in-depth look at how her health system has been implementing HFHC goals since signing the Healthy Food in Health Care Pledge in 2010.  A key to their success is building momentum within the system through the creation of a Healthy Food Council and ongoing tracking of sustainable procurement. Palomar Health is a leading member of the San Diego Nutrition in Healthcare Leadership Team and is a member of the Healthy Food Challenge of the Healthier Hospital Initiative.

One-quarter of hospitals across California participate in the Healthy Food in Health Care Program, which harnesses the purchasing power and expertise of the health care sector to advance a sustainable food system. Check out the 2013 California Healthy Food in Health Care report to learn details about the many ways these 127 facilities are revolutionizing hospital food service.