June 30, 2014

Hiroshima 2014 flyer picFailure to Disarm: Holding Our Government Accountable
August 6, Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab
7:30 am Music, art and speakers
8:30am Nonviolent Action

Gather at the northwest corner of the Livermore Lab
(Vasco Road and Patterson Pass Road in Livermore)

This event is cosponsored by SF Bay Area PSR
For more information, contact Tri-Valley CAREs at 925-443-7148
Or visit the August Action Facebook page

SF Bay Area PSR asks all peace advocates to mark the 69th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, where a whopping 89% of its budget request for the coming year is for nuclear weapons activities.

Featured speakers include Rick Wayman on the courageous litigation filed recently by the tiny Republic of the Marshall Islands against the U.S. and eight other nuclear weapons states for their failure to disarm; Chizu Hamada will connect nuclear weapons and nuclear power and update us on the situation in Japan; attorney Scott Yundt will speak on the nuclear weapons programs at Livermore Lab; Jackie Cabasso will connect the dots to holding the U.S. accountable for resurgent militarism in Okinawa, Jeju Island and beyond. Musical performances by Daniel Zwickel, singer, guitarist, and Duamuxa, world music ensemble.

Immediately following the program, at approximately 8:30 AM, will be a “call to action,” in which participants will be invited to march a short distance to the Livermore Lab West Gate. Those who choose will nonviolently risk arrest. Others will conduct a legal witness and support.

Peace Camp camp-out night before!
In conjunction with the August 6 action, there will be a “Peace Camp” at Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore August 5: group camp-out and caravan to the Lab for the event. For details contact Scott Yundt at Tri-Valley Cares at scott@trivalleycares.org or (925) 443-7148.