October 22, 2014

SF Bay Area PSR applauds the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the Berkeley City Council for approving resolutions September 9 calling on Congress to pass national legislation to stop unnecessary use of antibiotics in animal agriculture. San Francisco is the first major city and the first county in California to pass this kind of resolution.

Speaking at a press conference organized by Food and Water Watch, SF Bay Area PSR Program Associate Sapna Thottathil said, “The struggles that hospitals face around finding antibiotic-free meat or fighting antibiotic resistant infections illustrate why we need local, state, and federal support to help protect our precious medicines and create a food system that doesn’t rely on our human antibiotics.“

In a press release by Food and Water Watch, San Francisco Supervisor John Avalos, who sponsored the resolution, said, “In the twenty-first century, we must not allow infections we learned how to cure in the twentieth century to once again become life-threatening. San Francisco is a public health leader and I am pleased the Board has taken this important step urging Congress to protect the effectiveness of antibiotics.” And Berkeley City Council Member Kriss Worthington said, “Berkeley stands proudly with San Francisco and a growing number of Bay Area communities that want antibiotics to keep working for people,”  “I hope communities throughout California will join us in sending this message to Congress.”