December 31, 2015

Like many of you, we at SF Bay Area PSR eagerly awaited the announcements of agreement at the latest climate change talks in Paris. We knew that representatives of PSR were there and would be working for the most substantive agreement possible. When the agreement was finally announced, it became clear that some positive steps were made, including significant limitations on fossil fuel emissions and strong promises of investments in renewable energy.

Yet, unfortunately, the agreements don’t go far enough. On the most basic level, there is no enforcement mechanism – it is, as some have analogized, the difference between saying you’re going to run a marathon and actually getting off the couch. Still further, the agreements don’t go far enough, and temperatures will continue to rise, even if the agreements are enforced, to unacceptable levels. Finally, not nearly enough was done to ensure that those countries most affected by climate change – small, island nations – receive compensation from those countries, like the US, which are causing so much of the devastation.

We do know, however, that more and more are waking up to the realities of climate change. Throughout the South, we’ve seen devastating, freak weather and storms, residents of the NE had their air conditioners on for the holidays, while those in the NW were drenched by record rains.

PSR will channel the increasing awareness around climate change to push harder than ever to ensure the future of our planet and our own survival – thank you for joining with us in this effort.