June 6, 2017

On April 22, we joined thousands of other doctors, nurses, scientists, and activists at San Francisco’s March for Science, part of a nationwide action that included demonstrations in 600 other cities. As the principles of science, inquiry, curiosity and integrity continue to be threatened in the current political climate, we were proud to help represent local health professionals in a number of local activities that day.

In the morning preceding the March, SF Bay PSR members joined a capacity crowd at a UCSF teach-in featuring several esteemed scientists whose work has been consistently challenged by rightwing forces now ascendant in our current Administration.  Among the speakers were Susan Fisher and Tracey Woodruff of the UCSF Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment, pediatrician Cherrie Boyer, Suneil Koliwad, a professor with the Diabetes Center, and Estaban Buchard, who studies the health effects of racial disparities. We also heard from Andre Campbell, who researches gun violence as a public health issue, Rebecca Smith-Bindman, who studies the overuse of medical imaging, and James Kahn who has focused on the benefits of needle exchange for those with HIV.

These brave scientists exhorted us all to continue advocating for the research that will likely benefit so many, for the institutions like UCSF pursuing ground-breaking change, and to expand our view beyond our personal and professional circles to share expertise and scientific values with all we encounter in our daily lives and practices. It was a great start for a day of powerful resistance.

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