The national Healthy Food in Health Care program recognizes the importance of tracking the progress and impact of the healthy food changes being made by participating hospitals through a system of awards and benchmarking.  For more information, click here.

2011 Healthy Food in Health Care Awards

Congratulations to John Muir Medical Center of Concord, California, for the following awards!

  • Sustainable Food Procurement Award, Third Place
      • Procurement of sustainable, local food and beverage
      • Direct procurement from farmers/ farm cooperatives
      • Support for reduced antibiotic use in animal agriculture through procurement decisions
      • Procurement of dairy products produced without use of rBGH/rBST
  • Food, Climate, Health Connection Award, Second Place
      • Reduction of the amount of conventionally produced animal-based protein on the menus
      • Prioritizing purchase of food and beverages that are produced without use of fossil-fuel based fertilizers and pesticides
      • Waste prevention, donation and composting