Food Matters is a national clinical education and advocacy project of Health Care Without Harm that encourages hospitals and healthcare professionals to become leaders and advocates for a food system that promotes public and environmental health.  For more information, click here.

SF PSR launched the first Food Matters training in Oakland, California, in March of 2011 in collaboration with Health Care Without Harm and Children’s Hospital Oakland.  Trainings have since been held across the country.

The Food Matters program trains clinicians to:

  • Provide anticipatory guidance to patients and families about the importance of healthy foods and a healthy food system.
  • Work within health care facilities to create a healthy food service model that is integral to a preventive health agenda.
  • Work within the community at a local, regional and national level, to promote policies that support the development of a healthy, accessible, and fair food system.

The Food Matters program offers a host of free tools and resources for use in hospitals, clinics and communities, including CME-accredited webinars, videos, calendars, and annotated PowerPoint presentations.

To host a Food Matters training or grand rounds at your facility or for general questions contact Kendra Klein at