Since we cannot cure the effects of nuclear war, we must act now to prevent it.

Since the 1960s, PSR has been dedicated to the global prevention of nuclear war. PSR is the United States affiliate of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), which in 1985 was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace for our efforts to reduce the dangers posed by the development, production, testing, deployment and use of nuclear weapons. We believe that the worldwide proliferation of nuclear weapons poses an environmental and public health threat of almost unimaginable proportions and must be countered with broad and effective popular action. PSR is directly involved in efforts to end continuing nuclear weapons testing and development, to take existing weapons off hair-trigger alert, to secure a global Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty while strengthening the Non-Proliferation Treaty, to demand remediation of nuclear facilities, to halt plans for a costly and destabilizing National Missile Defense System, and to work for the abolition of nuclear and all other weapons of mass destruction.

To carry-out this work locally, we are in coalition with other anti-nuclear organizations to stop weapons research and development, and consequent environmental contamination, at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (LLNL). As part of this work, we are opposing plans by LLNL to construct the National Ignition Facility (NIF), an expensive mega-laser project to be used in the design of a new generation of nuclear weapons.

We advocate for responsible and publicly transparent nuclear waste clean-up and containment and support sustainable energy technologies. Our chapter was a key partner in the statewide coalition effort to stop the proposed nuclear waste dump at Ward Valley, California, and has served in an advisory role to state and federal decision-makers to develop safe, responsible and just policies for nuclear waste containment.

Additionally, SF Bay Area PSR Board member Dr. Tom Hall helped develop War and Health, an online course hosted by intended for medical and public health trainees and practitioners that focuses on the consequences of war and violence on human health. Students learn in collaboration with globally-available peers and local mentors. All components of this training are free, including registration, learning, testing, and the granting of a certificate of completion.


Watch a demonstration from TrueMajority on how unbelievably enormous the United States’ nuclear stockpile has become (requires Flash player).

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