Members of SF Bay Area PSR and national PSR have been integral leaders within APHA’s Peace Caucus for over a quarter-century. The Peace Caucus, founded in 1986, provides a focal point for individuals committed to social justice and the creation of peace worldwide. At the APHA annual conference, the Peace Caucus develops programs on the wide-ranging health effects of preparing for and engaging in wars and articulate the need to make the prevention of war a central concern of the public health community. Dr. Robert Gould, President of SF Bay Area PSR, and Patrice Sutton, SF Bay Area PSR member, have served as Chair and Program Chair, respectively, for most of the past decade, with Dr. Kathleen Fagan more recently taking on the prime duties of pulling together the extraordinary content of the annual program . The panels hosted by the Peace Caucus have drawn hundreds of people each year at APHA’s annual conference, and have provided a prime mechanism to engage public health professionals in the anti-nuclear and other “security” work of PSR. Over the last 15 years, there has been particular emphasis on sessions related to three books edited by Drs. Barry Levy and Victor Sidel, both past-Presidents of APHA: War and Public Health; Terrorism and Public Health; and Social Injustice and Public Health, all published by Oxford University Press. A new edition of Terrorism and Public Health was released at this year’s APHA, within which Ms. Sutton and Dr. Gould co-authored the chapter “Nuclear and Radiological Weapons.” In 2009, Dr. Gould was awarded APHA’s prestigious Sidel/Levy Peace award for his contributions, including his longstanding work within the Peace Caucus and with PSR.


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