November 25, 2015


Earlier this year, we asked you for a special donation to support SF Bay Area PSR’s Student Organizing work. So very many of you generously responded, allowing us to send our student organizer, Callum Rowe to an important organizing conference in Washington, DC. He shares his thoughts about the conference below.  

Report back on Student Conference

By Callum Rowe

Within 24 hours after the attack on Paris, rockets began to rain down on Raqqa, the Islamic State stronghold and home to thousands of civilians. It’s amongst the background of these recent events that I affirm the importance of PSR student conferences and my gratitude for the continued support of Bay Area PSR for student involvement.  

As an attendee at the Student PSR Leadership Conference and Climate Health Summit in September. I was able to connect with student allies working on a wide variety of issues across the country. I am continually impressed by my colleagues’ work: whether it be on fracking, nuclear weapons, climate or environmental justice. these students are already distinguishing themselves as leaders in their schools and communities. More impressive, is how my fellow students think big picture. They are mobilizing other classmates and student organizations. They are taking positions in their local, state and national medical societies and making their voices heard. Our ability to develop relationships with these students means we are able to effectively organize on a regional and national level. 

I have come back from the conference with a renewed commitment to organizing regionally amongst west coast health professional programs, and the conference has given me the tools to accomplish this. Our commitments wax and wane as we struggle with the demands of medical school and the demands of a complex and largely unjust world, but the relationships that we build while working on these important issues will serve us long into our careers and beyond. To put it bluntly, we are firming the future of our organization. This would be impossible without your dedicated support. Thank you.