December 13, 2012

We thought SF Bay Area PSR members might be interested in this exciting Summit!

California Breathing, the asthma program of the California Department of Public Health, will be holding the department’s biennial asthma research summit on December 5-6 in San Francisco. The aim of the summit is to bring together leading experts in asthma and asthma-related topics, to connect, discuss new research, and develop future strategies for addressing the burden of asthma. The summit will highlight both research and how it is translated into interventions, clinical practice, and policy. Physicians, nurses, researchers, asthma advocates, health educators, policy makers, and environmental health advocates are all encouraged to attend (CME and CEU credits available).

This year’s summit will include many exciting speakers. Much of the first day will focus on outdoor air pollution – from new research on how pollutants affect asthma at the cellular level to the global effects of climate change. Other speakers will discuss local efforts to reduce air pollution, including both government and grassroots programs. The second day will cover the latest research on indoor air quality, as well as interventions that aim to improve housing conditions for people with asthma. In addition, there will be sessions focused on psychosocial stressors, clinical tools, genetics, work-related asthma, obesity, and even the hot topic of acetaminophen and asthma.

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Conference sponsors include the American Lung Association in California, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Children’s Hospital of Oakland, and RAMP.