July 11, 2011

Dr. Robert Gould’s Talk to Future Health Leaders

Dr. Robert Gould spoke on “Health and Environmental Impacts of Nuclear Weapons” at the National Youth Leadership Forum on June 27th and July 10th, held at the Clark Kerr UC Berkeley Center. About 50 high school students interested in medicine were in attendance for each talk. This is an annual talk Bob gives to present PSR’s core public health concerns to potential future physicians and health leaders in our country.

Dr. Robert Gould Testifies at July PUC Hearings

On July 7, Dr. Robert Gould testified at the Public Utility Committee (PUC) hearing. The hearing was focused on PG&E’s application to recover costs associated with renewal of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant operating licenses. Dr. Gould spoke in support of the Alliance of Nuclear Responsibility’s motion to dismiss the application. His testimony focused on the health impacts of nuclear power plants positioned on seismically active zones; the need for monitoring environmental contaminants from Japan’s nuclear disaster; and the importance of safe and reliable energy in California.