August 22, 2012

On August 5, about 200 people gathered near Lawrence Livermore Lab to rally against nuclear weapons and nuclear power in commemoration of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 67 years ago. Bob Gould represented PSR in the well-spirited crowd, which heard a number of compelling keynote speakers. Michael Eisenscher of U.S. Labor Against War spoke about the enormous amount of money spent on nuclear weapons, decades of military interventions throughout the world, and subsequent progressive decay of the basic fabric of people’s lives. Natalia Mironova of the Movement for Nuclear Safety in Chelyabinsk, Russia spoke about former nuclear weapons sites in Russia and the legacy of contamination among workers and communities.

Speakers highlighted the connections between the twin threats of nuclear weapons and nuclear power and the serious economic problems we are facing today. After the rally, people participated in a peaceful march and demonstration in front of the Lawrence Livermore Lab and placed symbolic cardboard locks on the lab gates to underscore the connection between the vast number of people facing foreclosure on their homes in the U.S. while over $185 billion has been slated to fund U.S. nuclear weapons development and delivery programs over the coming decade that threaten all humanity with annihilation.

Visit the Tri-Valley Cares website for links to videos of the speakers and pictures of the event.

Listen to KPFA’s Morning Show interview from the morning of the rally covering nuclear weapons and nuclear power, with SF Bay Area PSR President Dr. Bob Gould, Jackie Cabasso of the Western States Legal Foundation, and Natalia Mironova of the Movement for Nuclear Safety in Chelyabinsk, Russia providing their perspectives (be patient, this link may take a while to load!).