The UCSF student chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility strives to uphold the principles of ensuring quality public health, protecting the environment, and addressing  issues of violence and social justice. UCSF–SHPSR supports cooperation between all health care students and professionals to instill a conscientious approach to health care for our communities and environments. The group includes students from all the graduate health science divisions at UCSF, along with medical students at the UC Berkeley/UC San Francisco Joint Medical Program. SF Bay Area PSR is also involved with UCSF’s robust sustainability program promoting  efforts across the entire campus and medical center. See http://sustainability.ucsf.edu for more information on UCSF’s efforts to create a healthier environment and more sustainable future.


Student Physicians for Social Responsibility (SPSR) at UC Davis is an organization of medical students dedicated to the elimination of pervasive threats to public health. We seek to improve public health and to advance social justice by focusing on three central goals:

  • Violence Prevention: to reduce and prevent interpersonal violence in our community, especially injury and death due to firearms and domestic violence;
  • Environmental Health: to identify and eliminate pervasive environmental threats to public health;
  • Health Care Access: to promote greater access to health care, particularly among underserved and impoverished populations.

As medical students and future physicians, we believe we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to address these issues, both within the medical community and in society at large. We promote these goals through community outreach, education, and direct political action. Ultimately, our work embodies a commitment to build a society where individuals may live free from threats of violence and environmental harm, with access to health care for all members.


Stanford students are engaged in PSR activities to promote human rights and social responsibility.

For more information, contact PSR at (415) 562-6726.