October 15, 2013

On Oct 11, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed three out of the four measures in the Lifesaving Intelligent Firearms Enforcement (LIFE) Act that made it to his desk.  SF Bay Area PSR supported this important package of bills and is disappointed in the Governor’s decisions.

The vetoed LIFE Act bills included SB 374, which would have closed dangerous loopholes in California’s assault weapon law, and SB 755, which would have prevented easy access to firearms by people who have shown dangerous or risky conduct related to serious alcohol or substance abuse.  Governor Brown also vetoed a bill that would have improved the definition of “shotgun” and further limited assault-style weapons (SB 567). In his veto message for the assault weapon law SB 374, Brown voiced concern for gun owners’ rights.

Brown did sign the fourth LIFE Act bill, SB 683, which will improve firearms education by requiring all firearm purchasers – not just handgun purchasers, as required by current law – to pass an objective written test on firearm safety before acquiring a weapon.

“We are disappointed that the Governor vetoed important gun reform bills designed to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people,” said Dr. Dallas Stout, President of the California Chapters of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.  “We know that these gun policies work and would have saved lives.”

Governor Brown did sign other substantial gun reform bills into law.  This includes AB 500, which requires safe storage of firearms in homes where a severely mentally ill person, a felon, or other prohibited person resides, and AB 48, which prohibits large-capacity ammunition magazine “conversion kits” that are used to subvert California’s law to restrict massive firepower of certain weapons.

SF Bay Area PSR will continue to monitor, support, and keep our members updated on gun-control legislation that will improve the health and safety of all Californians.