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September 7, 2011

By Dr. Robert Gould, SF Bay Area PSR President

On August 19th, SF Bay Area PSR hosted Dr. Lawrence Wittner at an evening salon in San Francisco. Members and old friends of PSR came to the salon, many whom have long been supporters of our work in one way of other, and active in the local public health and medical community. Larry gave a great presentation that brought the history of the anti-nuclear movement to a very engaged audience. We were all very moved by what he presented. He is an extraordinary historian of the anti-nuclear movement. Having read his most recent book, I must confess that, while I had considered myself fairly knowledgeable about our history, it really awakened me to the length and depth of the movement. Reading his work and seeing his talk was quite humbling for me, in terms of being in touch with all of the “giants’ who proceeded us, not just in PSR, but also groups like Sane Freeze, Women Strike for Peace (which my mother was involved with) and other organizations that had been working on this issue for 16 years before PSR was formally founded. To be in more intimate touch with such history was very empowering to me.