November 17, 2011

Following is a summary of a number of the environmental health resolutions passed by CMA at the House of Delegates Meeting October 17, 2011. Click here for the text of the final resolutions, including the preambles (which are not part of the final CMA policy).

To view a more comprehensive and historical list of environmental health resolutions passed by medical and public health associations, click here for a compilation posted by UCSF’s Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment.

The following resolutions were passed at the California Medical Association House of Delegates (HOD) meeting October 17, 2011. SF Bay Area PSR President Dr. Robert Gould serves as a delegate from the Santa Clara County Medical Association to the HOD, and in this capacity has worked with members of his delegation to introduce and support many of the environmental and public health-protective policies adopted by CMA over the last 15 years.

Healthy Fast Food Children’s Meals: recommends chain restaurant adherence to appropriate nutritional standards for meals that are marketed specifically to children; that meals marketed to children should adhere to healthy guidelines in accordance with the best available evidence and/or well-researched national nutrition standards.

Healthy Food Marketing for Children: supports efforts to regulate the advertising and marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to children; discourages the advertising and marketing of unhealthy food and beverages in public places frequently visited by children or adolescents; encourages media education programs to reduce harmful health influences of food and beverage marketing to children and to promote the consumption of healthy foods.

Healthy Agricultural Practices: supports the development of healthier food systems through federal farm subsidies and legislation; supports healthy agricultural practices.

Nanoparticle Testing, Monitoring and Regulation: recognizes both the benefits and the potential risks to public health and the environment from the widespread use of nanoparticles; endorses responsible regulation of existing or new nanoparticles prior to their introduction in industrial or consumer products.

Triclosan Antimicrobial Soap: recognizes the toxicity and potential adverse health and environmental effects of Triclosan-containing products and endorses efforts to eliminate this chemical from consumer and health care products; encourages the Food and Drug Administration to finalize the antimicrobial monograph first drafted in 1978 and updated in 1994; encourages the education of members on the issue of the importance of proper hand hygiene and the preferential use of plain soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers in health care settings.

Nuclear Power Plant Safety: calls upon the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to expeditiously implement the recommendations of its Japan Task Force report; encourages the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other oversight agencies to apply new technologies that will assess seismic risk prior to any licensing renewal of nuclear plants.