March 26, 2018

SF Bay Area PSR Takes Action on Gun Laws

The list below represents specific action SF Bay Area PSR is taking, either in support or in opposition, to gun control legislation in California. We will keep you updated on the progress of these common sense changes to gun policy in California!

AB 3 (Bonta) Support. This bill prohibits selling or transferring a long gun to anyone under 21. Currently, the age limit on long guns is 18 and on handguns, 21.

AB 1927 (Bonta) Support. This bill would create a system whereby people can self-register to the “Do Not Sell” gun list to help protect themselves from suicide by gun. It also provides for a process by which that person may request to be taken off the list, thereby protecting his or her civil rights.

AB 2222 (Quirk) Support. This bill would expand the law enforcement agencies that are required to report stolen guns, and would include the California Highway Patrol, University of California and state university police, Department of Fish and Wildlife, school districts, and airports.

SB 459 (Portantino) Support. This bill would require that the California Dept. of Justice (DoJ) inspect gun dealers every three years to ensure compliance with the laws of this state; currently there is no mandated schedule for DoJ to conduct inspections.

SB 1092 (Anderson) OPPOSE. Existing law makes it a felony to possess a silencer for a firearm. SB 1092 would constrict that prohibition to only apply to a firearm that is less than 16 inches, thereby allowing silencers to be used on many other guns that are manufactured and available.

Gun Policy Resources:

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Gina Kolata and C.J. Chivers, Wounds From Military-Style Rifles? ‘A Ghastly Thing to See’(March 4, 2018) quoting Dr. Jeremy Cannon,  University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. He served in Iraq and in Afghanistan.