March 20, 2008

The Department of Energy is holding hearings on its so-called “Complex transformation,” a plan to revitalize the nuclear weapons complex at 8 sites across the country, including at Tracy and Livermore.

Dr. Robert Gould, SF Bay Area PSR President and expert on public health and security issues surrounding nuclear weapons and energy, gave testimony yesterday, March 19, at the Tracy hearings.

Also in attendance was Dr. Harry Wang of Sacramento PSR, who was quoted in an article in Tracy Press covering the event:

“It’s chilling to sit here in the audience and hear about these plans, especially during a time when we are urging other nations to get rid of their nuclear weapons.”

The hearings were also covered in an article in Tuesday’s SF Chronicle. Tri-Valley CARES Executive Director Marylia Kelley, one of our key local partners in our anti-nuclear work, was quoted in the article:

“The Department of Energy’s ‘Complex Transformation’ plan, which we call the bombplex, is intended to design, test and build the euphemistically titled Reliable Replacement Warhead, and other new and modified nuclear bombs.”

SF Bay PSR Steering Committee member Dr. Michael Geschwind will give testimony today at the hearings in Livermore.