March 17, 2008

On March 15, 2008 Dr. Tom Newman successfully advocated passage of resolution 15-SA–Opposing New Nuclear Weapons and Saving the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty–at the American Association of Pediatrics Annual Leadership Forum.

Resolved, that the Academy call on the United States and other governments to abandon plans to develop and deploy new nuclear weapons because of the threat they pose to children’s health and be it further

Resolved, that the Academy call on the countries of the world to affirm their commitment to a world free of nuclear weapons for the protection of the lives and health of current and future generations of children.

The leadership also recommended working in collaboration with other pediatric organizations around the world to pass similar resolutions.

Dr. Newman has an article on the topic due to be published in May in the journal Pediatrics.

This strong resolution from an influential national medical body is a powerful and timely development as PSR and its regional chapters rally to oppose the the Bush administration’s Complex 2030 plan — to ramp up activities at nuclear weapons sites around the country.