March 17, 2011

Dear PSR family and friends,

We at PSR remain extremely concerned about the unfolding “nightmare in slow motion” that we are witnessing in the wake of the devastating Japanese earthquake, tsunami and unfolding nuclear catastrophe. We still don’t have complete information on the rapidly-changing situation regarding the nuclear reactor and spent-fuel pool explosions and fires, for which very courageous Japanese workers are literally sacrificing their lives and health to stop. However, joined with our global colleagues in the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, including comrades in our Japanese affiliate, we have been striving since the disaster commenced, to get the word out about the potential devastating health effects, and what we regard as the demonstrable dangers of our current “nuclear renaissance.”

As part of our campaign, we have been actively engaging our nation’s media to offer the expertise of our organization to help explain as best we can the health risks to the people of Japan and the rest of the world, and to encourage our nation to wake up to the real dangers of nuclear power, so we can instead refocus our collective need to develop safe, sustainable and renewable sources of energy that don’t pose the dreadful dangers that are mounting daily. Many of us, myself included, have been interviewed on radio and TV stations throughout the nation, and will redouble our efforts to get the word out as best we can.

In that regard, I’d urge you to listen to the extremely informative and ultimately very sobering press briefing that was held earlier today, March 16th, for numerous media representatives, including New York Times, Washington Post, etc., with exceptional presentations by experts Dr. David Richardson, Dr. Marvin Resnikoff and PSR’s Dr. Ira Helfand, that I trust you will be very interested to hear at Press Briefing.

Our national PSR office is providing regular updates and suggested action our supporters can take. Please click here National PSR to stay informed.

We’ll be doing our best to maximize our impact as events unfold, and I’ll be back to all of you to keep you posted as our campaign proceeds.

All the best,

Bob Gould